Represent the service idea using techniques that illustrate all the components of the service, including physical elements, interaction modalities, logical links and temporal sequences. 
 Envisioning is the process of imagining what might be, of previewing the service solution, of making its future features more tangible by translating them in visual interpretations or representations. The tools that are used for envisioning allow people to show, externalize and share what is in their minds: making the ideas visible in order to understand and explain them better.
The hardest think concerning envisioning during a process of service design is that there is often the need to communicate both the inner mechanism of the process and the immaterial components of the experience (which are per se difficult to represent) to several actors who are not supposed to be familiar with any technical language or representation technique. In this sense the use and the development of adequate visual tools is a great opportunity but also a (sfida) for designers.

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