tool description

The experience prototype is a simulation of the service experience that foresees some of its performances through the use of the specific physical touchpoints involved. The experience prototype allows designers to show and test the solution through an active participation of the users.

(2000) Marion Buchenau, Jane Fulton Suri, Experience Prototyping, paper presented at the Symposium on Designing Interactive Systems.



Following on a previous study for T-Mobile, Stby worked with the client team again to test the ideas for new mobile internet services that were developed in response to the results of the first exploratory research.
To visualize and explain the service concepts, a set of experience prototypes was produced by the client team in collaboration with the designers; these prototypes were then used to discuss the use of the services and the opportunity of adding new elements.


IDEO and Nokia

The goal was to create prototypes that would give children an experience as close as possible to that evoked by the final solution. In order to avoid to test the idea in condition that were not typical of the ultimate use, Nokia built working sets of picture communicators that the design team was able to distribute to children who could take them away and play with them for days at a time. The prototype required a power pack and transceiver unit that children had to carry around in a backpack, yet the experience to take picture, send and receive them proved so compelling that the user forgot about that inconvenience. People got so involved in the experience that they forgot about the imitations of the prototype: this confirmed the potential of the proposition and allowed designers to try out the interactions.


Interaction Design Institute Ivrea

Aim of the project is to make the day to day life of the working mothers a little bit easier. The service idea is based on a mobile phone application: the definition of several user scenarios and the construction of experience prototypes and interfaces allowed the designers to simulate the real service and explain its function.