tool description

The personas are archetypes built after an exhaustive observation of the potential users. Each persona is based on a fictional character whose profile gathers up the features of an existing social group. In this way the personas assume the attributes of the groups they represent: from their social and demographic characteristics, to their own needs, desires, habits and cultural backgrounds.

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Aim of the project was to raise awareness of the BAA brand in the mind of the travelers.
The first step of the design process was going to Heathrow Airport in order to speak directly with passengers and gathering information. The observation brought live|work to the creation of personas describing some meaningful profiles and their experiences with BAA through a picture and a detailed text.
Personas were used to create a framework based on those customer experiences, a framework that became the instrument for proposing service solutions. The propositions have been developed and illustrated and finally personas were used again to walk through the designed experiences and test them.


Wei Zhou

This project identifies the opportunity of using web 2.0 and the social networking to satisfy collectors’ practical and emotional needs: building digital platforms to enhance collecting experiences. The idea has been developed starting from the identification of several typologies of collectors, tracing their needs into a sequence of personas. Each persona is described into a card, all the cards helped the designer in finding the requirements the service solution had to satisfy.