tool description

The service Poster is a simulation of a future promotional advertising of the service. Through the elaboration of the Poster, the designers imagine how the new offering could be launched on the market and perceived by the consumers.
The Poster gives the opportunity to understand the link between the service idea and the existing reality and, at the same time, it could be an effective way of visualizing the solution.

(2006) Bill Moggridge, Designing Interactions, The MIT Press, Cambridge.


Valentina Novello and Peggy Thoeny at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea

Share way is a project for a free and safe ride-sharing service offered to citizens by local authorities, with the help of other citizens willing to be useful. The aim was to compliment the public transportation system and to offer an alternative to personal vehicles. The posters produced by the designers helped them in the explanation of the service idea and in the announcement of the opportunities for potential users.