Service Image

Capture the essence of a service experience in a single frame.

applied for





also called

Hero Moment

what is it

The service image is aimed at presenting a concept in a memorable way, by helping the audience immediately understand, perceive, immerse into the envisioned experience. The service image is often realistic (e.g. a montage of different photos and scenes, or a post-produced photo realised ad hoc) and focused on a hero moment that is able to encapsulate the core value of the service experience. The service image may be used in public presentations as well as in the landing page of the project website, becoming aclear visual reference and contributing in shaping the service brand.

use it to

Let people imagine what the service would be, and how it will come to life.

remember to

Think of the aesthetics of the experience too: explaining the service is not about functionalities only.


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