An on-going project bridging academic research and professional practices.

The Service Design Tools project started in 2009 leveraging the research done by Roberta Tassi for her graduation thesis Communication Tools for Service Design, in collaboration with Poli.Design and Domus Academy Research Center. Over the past 10 years, the platform has become a key resource in the service design discipline, guiding students, practitioners and professionals from all over the world in the discovery of service design tools and techniques.

In 2019, a new version of Service Design Tools has been launched, with the main objective of updating the database, refreshing content and case studies and improving the user experience. This is just the beginning of a new journey, with an increasing involvement and participation of Poli.Design (Service Innovation Academy and Master of Service Design) to further develop the platform and evolve the project, with additional content and initiatives.

More to come!

Summary map of all the tools present in the Service Design Tools website