An on-going project bridging academic research and professional practices.

A long journey

Over the years the platform has become a key resource in the service design discipline, guiding students, practitioners and professionals from all over the world in the discovery of service design tools and techniques.


The Service Design Tools project started leveraging the research done by Roberta Tassi for her graduation thesis Communication Tools for Service Design, in collaboration with POLI.design and Domus Academy Research Center.


A new version of Service Design Tools has been launched, with the main objective of updating the database, refreshing content and case studies and improving the user experience.


The beginning of a new journey, with an increasing involvement and participation of POLI.design (in collaboration with the Master in Service Design and the Service Innovation Academy of POLI.design - Politecnico di Milano) to further develop the platform and evolve the project, with additional content and initiatives.

Meet our team

We are a multidisciplinary and passionate team of designers, researchers and teachers with the desire to make Service Design tools and techniques accessible to everyone.

Roberta Tassi's profile picture

Roberta Tassi

Founder and Scientific Director
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Stefano Maffei

Scientific Director
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Beatrice Villari

Chief Researcher
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Bryan Sabin

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Chiara Albanesi

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Francesca Foglieni

Scientific Coordinator
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Laura Toffetti

Visual Designer
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Michele Invernizzi

Web Developer
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Raffaela Scognamiglio

External Relations and Communication Manager
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Serena Talento

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Yulya Besplemennova

Scientific Coordinator

Current collaborators

Students, researchers and external advisors current partnering with us.

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Cristina Colosi

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Ilaria Gava


Past collaborators

Andrea Pastor (Service design and Circular economy) Asif Muhammad (Service design and Circular economy) Elena Colombo (Service design and Healthcare) Elisa Palmieri (Service design and Artificial Intelligence) Eugenia Bifulco (Service design and Artificial Intelligence) Federico Dal Fò (Service design and Healthcare) Gabriel Benavides (Service design and Circular economy) Karthik Rao (Service design and Circular economy) Klong Swegwan (Service design and Data privacy) Mariana Escalante (Service design and Artificial Intelligence) Nare Krmoyan (Service design and Data privacy) Pranjali Pachpute (Service design and Data privacy) Renae Elkassih (Service design and Artificial Intelligence) Stacey Lin (Service design and Healthcare) Xinwei Tao (Service design and Data privacy) Zeynep Sayar (Service design and Healthcare)

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Oblo is an hyper-specialized service design studio supporting people and organizations along their innovation journeys. Founded in 2017, with a strong research focus, oblo alternate professional work with clients in the private and public sector, and the continuous development of reflections, methods and speculative approches that help innovate the service design practice.

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POLI.design, founded in 1999 by Politecnico di Milano, together with the School of Design of Politecnico and the Department of Design, forms the Design System of Politecnico, an aggregate of resources, skills, structures and laboratories among the most important in the world. POLI.design plays a pivotal role among the different actors that are part of the design ecosystem and develops training for young graduates, professionals and businesses.