Impact Journey

Analyse the impact of a specific service experience, and generate ideas to make it more sustainable.

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what is it

The goal of the Impact Journey is to combine the step-by-step representation of the user experience with the evaluation of the service impact for each phase of the journey. The impact could be analysed looking at different aspects (such as Environment, Society, Economy, …), that could be influenced in positive or negative ways throughout the development of the experience, based on the types of touchpoints, actions and activities involved. This analysis could lead to new ideas and more informed decisions during the design or implementation phase, that potentially improve the positive outcomes generated by the service delivery.

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Think about possible impacts of your service earlier on in the process.

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Consider all the possible areas impacted by the service, that are somehow related to the human well-being, and could contribute to a better (or worse) humanity.

step by step guidelines


Start by outlining the service experience into a journey map, and briefly describe each step.


Define what are the most significant areas that could be interesting to consider in terms of service impact (eg. Environment, Society, Economy, …). List them below the journey (on the vertical axis), to obtain a sort of matrix.


Explore the matrix, asking yourself for each step of the experience what could be positive or negative outcomes affecting those important aspects of human life and the planet.


Use the filled Impact Journey to raise warnings around sustainability and long-term impact the service could have. This could lead towards more conscious decisions, trying to anticipate and prevent negative consequences.