Success Metrics

Define a set of KPI to measure the project outcomes and service success

also called

KPIs, Analytics

what is it

The success metrics are a set of criteria defined alongside the service development as key factors that will define the success of the project itself and of its final implementation. It’s always important to distinguish amongst these two levels (project and final service outcomes) as they generate different types of values. Once the metrics are defined, it’s also important to identify a strategy for their measurement (how data is collected and when), keeping in mind the importance of accessing that information in several moments of the process, and being able to use it to adjust the workflow and features developed.

use it to

Monitor the project and service outcomes and keep iterating to improve.

remember to

Identify strategies and tools to measure the metrics in advance.

case studies


feature image of 'A better housing repairs service' case study

Example by Unboxed

A better housing repairs service


The housing repairs service in a London council was using a number of legacy software solutions with over-complicated processes and unstable integrations between different IT systems. Unboxed helped them build a new back-office system designed around user needs that was able to significantly outperform their legacy system.

One of our key success metrics was an improvement in efficiency. By testing the two systems side-by-side the team was able to demonstrate that officers were able to perform certain tasks up to 35% quicker and with 75% fewer mouse-clicks on the new system.

what was interesting

By creating a video of this side-by-side comparison, the team was able to provide very clear evidence of success and get further buy-in from senior stakeholders.

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