AI Landscape

Ideate a broad variety of possibilities for AI implementations in a given service

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what is it

A crucial step to understand how to integrate AI in the service by ideating and mapping out a comprehensive landscape of opportunities that are based on understanding of service needs and inspired by the technological capabilities.

use it to

Envision the map of multiple possibilities that can inspire new service improvements.

remember to

Include people that have a vision of overall service and its problems as well as technical roles.

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step by step guidelines


Start by filling in the the overview of a current state of the service, briefly describing the existing actors and interactions. The canvas includes both the front- and back-end parts, but you can choose which is the most important to focus on in specific situation.

Ideally conduct some initial overview of the existing process and its problems in order to simplify and speed up the session. Involve roles with knowledge of both front and back end processes and issues (operational managers, etc).


Fill in the related problems, that you are aware of, for each phase of the service value chain, think also about the aspects that are not problematic, but could be improved to provide even more value.


Starting from the steps in the service, that have the biggest problems, think which AI related solutions could help to overcome them: where automation, assistance, or augmentation could create the most value. Use the AI Functionalities Cards to learn about different technical opportunities and try combining them to generate a variety of interventions suitable for each service step.

  • Augmentation: AI enhances human skills and extends capabilities.

  • Assistance: AI and humans work together, with AI serving as a tool or helper.

  • Automation: AI completely replaces a human task or interaction.


Once done with opportunities generation, review them all to filter and prioritize the most promising ones and proceed with the concept definition evaluation their impacts and potential risks as well as the effort needed for implementation.