Issue Cards

Support the conversation around complex matters by breaking down the subject into physical cards.

also called

Challenge Cards, Trigger Cards, Card Sorting

what is it

The basic concept behind issue cards is to isolate a specific element into each card, and then use the cards as starting point for a 1:1 or group conversation. An issue card can contain an insight, a picture, a drawing, a feature, a keyword, a description, etc. based on the specific need. They act as prompts to suggest new interpretations of a problem and induce considering a different perpective; they can be used in many different ways, from identifying priorities to discussing relationships or simply facilitating the conversation.

use it to

Guide a creative conversation, making it open and fun, avoiding the creative block.

remember to

Keep the content of the cards clear and simple, reducing the risk of bias and misinterpretations.


(2009) Donna Spencer, Card Sorting. Designing Usable Categories, Rosenfeld Media.


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