Rough Prototyping

Quickly mock-up ideas using simple assets and materials, already available on the spot

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Service Staff





also called

Paper Prototyping , Rapid Prototyping

what is it

Rough prototypes simulate specific service components with the goal of better explaining a service idea in front of other team members, and start discussing the specific requirements of each touchpoint. Rough prototypes can be simply built with paper (e.g. a flyer, a wayfinding signage, a mobile phone interface, etc.) or with pre-assembled interface elements (e.g. wireframe kits, UI kits, etc.). They are a powerful tool during co-design sessions, to allow everyone to visually translate specific thoughts into tangible objects and interfaces, and make design considerations.

use it to

Make the vision immediately tangible, and start discussing and iterating on it.

remember to

Keep the mock-up simple enough not to get distracted by detailed features.


(2009) How to Prototype: The Awesome Guide, by Lindsay Gordon