Transition Journey

Analyse how the user behaviour and role in the ecosystem could evolve over time, leading to different types of experience journeys.

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User Journey

what is it

Often times a service could offer several types of experiences based on the different roles or needs users have; typically those experiences are analysed as individual pieces (eg. through distinct journey maps) in order to examine each specific journey and plan design interventions that make it work better. With transition journeys the focus of the analysis moves to the connecting points that would lead specific users shift from one journey to another, evolving their behaviour and role into a new one (eg. from being a newbie to becoming an active users or a mentor to others).

use it to

Develop a broader understanding of the service experience and design taking into considerations users’ transitions.

remember to

Consider all the possible shifts in terms of service engagement - a user could also become a staff member at some point!

step by step guidelines


Reflect on one kind of user at-a-time, and think of the possible evolutions of their behaviour and role throughout the service experience.


Link the different user journeys, highlighting the transition points that provide users the opportunity to switch to another type of journey.


Focus on each transition point and highlight the triggers/enablers that could facilitate that shift as well as the barriers/blockers that could prevent it from happening.


Ideate design opportunities that enable each of the desired transition to happen, improving the overall service engagement.