Journey Map

Describe how the user interact with the service, throughout its touchpoints

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also called

User Journey, Customer Journey, Experience Journey, Employee Journey

what is it

The journey map is a synthetic representation that describes step-by-step how a user interacts with a service. The process is mapped from the user perspective, describing what happens at each stage of the interaction, what touchpoints are involved, what obstacles and barriers they may encounter. The journey map is often integrated an additional layers representing the level of positive/negative emotions experienced throughout the interaction.

use it to

Depict the whole user experience, representing the process as well as pain points and emotional flows.

remember to

Cover what happens before and after the core experience, even when it includes the interaction with other services and providers.

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case studies


feature image of 'Journey mapping in a global japanese electronics corporation' case study

Example by Smaply

Journey mapping in a global japanese electronics corporation

Improve business operations with external partners


This case shares how a global Japanese electronics company used journey mapping to improve its business to business operations, specifically with external partners. Through a number of service design workshops internal staff gained awareness of the problem of poor service delivery and became part of the solution.

what is interesting

Here’s some relevant learnings derived from the activity and tool

- at first senior management was reluctant to release resources and people’s time to workshops, but after the first progresses were visible it became easier

- workshop participants became engaged and motivated and adopted service design techniques. Using service design methods, but not labelling them with “service design” proved to get people involved.

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feature image of 'Journey mapping in healthcare' case study

Example by Smaply

Journey mapping in healthcare

Designing a model to care for preterm infants in rural India


This case shows how the Community Empowerment Lab, a global health research and innovation organization, used Smaply to help design a model for scaling Kangaroo Mother Care in rural India. The project team succeeded in involving all necessary parties to work together and better understand each other’s motivations and needs by analyzing their stakeholders’ and their patients’ journey. The project was selected as a national best practice in July 2017.

what is interesting

Here’s some relevant learnings derived from the activity and tool used:

- emotional level and empathy is a key success factor

- insights from SKM, Personas and JM resulted in ideas to improve the problems identified

- through journey mapping the team realized that nurses play a crucial role in ensuring the success or failure of KMC: a team of nurse mentors was created, that is trained by Dr. Barbara Morission, one of the world’s leading experts on KMC

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