Value Proposition Canvas

Describe the value offered by the service in simple words

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also called

Value Orientation, Onliness Statement

what is it

The value proposition canvas is a framework that helps designers ensure that there is a fit between the product-service idea and the market. It gives a detailed look at the relationship between customer segments and value propositions, highlights roles involved, pains and gains and how the service eventually matches with the proposition and its pain relievers and gain creators.

use it to

Validate and strenghten a concept solution before moving forward with development.

remember to

Look at gains as hidden ambitions and goals (not simply the opposite of pains).

Preview image of the template for Value Proposition Canvas

case studies

Running a Value Proposition Canvas at

Reenergizing the online business of the first coffee subscription shop in Indonesia


Gordi, a young Indonesian company dedicated to coffee subscription sales, decided to expand its product catalog and enter the online sales channel. Initially, with the help of social media and traditional media channels. The products were initially well received, but a year later, sales stagnated. Only after a team member had the idea to rethink their value proposition (with the help of the value proposition canvas), the company began to understand where the issues were. The use of this tool allows companies in a simple way to understand their customer needs and design products or services that they really want. The canvas has two sides, the company, and its users, and the goal as a team is to identify where the gaps between the two actors are. For instance, one of the gains that Gordi believed was offering as a plus for their clients was a postcard with the info about coffee and recipes, but at the end for the clients, those useful postcards became a pain because they could not select the recipe when they were making the coffee orders.

what is interesting

Gordi’s decision to redefine its value proposition was the first and fundamental step in the challenge to uncover gaps in the relationship between the company and its clients. Following, an interdisciplinary company team was created in order to develop co-creation activities with current and former clients. In the end, the results were collected in the VPC finding out the gaps between what the company thought to be the truth and what was actually true.

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