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Describe what benefits a service can bring to its users

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what is it

The goal of the offering map is to clarify what the service provides to the users, detailing the value proposition into more specific clusters of features. There’s not a standard model for this tool: the offering could be described with words, images or through a simple graph. As services grow in complexity, the offering map can also become more articulated, showing distinct macro-areas of offer, and then narrowing them down into more specific areas and functions.

use it to

Shape and explain the service model to an expert audience.

remember to

Flash it out from the user perspective: what can the service organization do for them?


(2004) Sangiorgi, Daniela, Il Design dei Servizi come Design dei Sistemi di Attività: la Teoria dell’attività Applicata alla Progettazione dei Servizi, tesi di dottorato di ricerca in Disegno Industriale, tutor Giuliano Simonelli, relatore Elena Pacenti, co-relatore Stefano Maffei, Politecnico di Milano.

case studies


feature image of 'The services offered by the Essex County Council' case study

Example by FutureGov

The services offered by the Essex County Council

Build a smart database to spot recurring patterns and optimize interventions


The goal of the project was to ‘Identify, design and document common service patterns to meet the needs of users across different transactional services targeting residents (private individuals)’. We had to map all the current services offered by the County Council and make the database smart enough to spot recurring patterns, technologies, … . We used Airtable to create an Offering Map, that could include multiple layers of information such as: name of the service, steps, patterns, role of the council, level of authentication, technology platforms, data, data source, painpoints, life event.

what is interesting

It’s an in-depth analysis of the offer to build the most updated database of services offered by the County Council. It’s about using a SD tool and transforming into something that the client will be able to use afterwards.

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